Stem and Vein
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Add Stem and Vein with your favorite kratom strain more complete experience. Very potent also used on its own just like any quality kratom strain. For this special strain, the stems and veins that carry all the nutrients to the Mitragyna Speciosa leaves are ground up into a fine powder full of alkaloids. Excellent aid for mixing things up against stagnant strain syndrome. 

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GoPure Bentuangie Kratom is a very potent strain of red vein kratom fermented for special qualities. This batch was found in the deep jungles of Indonesia by our expert botanical explorers who are always in the search of rare and exciting kratom strains. Try unique Bentuangie Kratom before this batch runs out!

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This excellent Maengda kratom is grown in a special area in Indonesia. We are proud of our latest discovery for its quality, potency and special qualities. Our expert botanical exploration team went through a lot of sampling and research to find this unique "pimp grade" kratom strain. All our kratom is grown in a sustainable manner and each batch is tested for safety and potency control.

Red Maengda Liquid
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#1 innovation on kratom markets: Liquid kratom extract.

GoPure Red Maengda Liquid Extract is a pure concentrate of fresh kratom. Extracted from organic maengda leaves with a full spectrum of kratom´s natural content including mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine.

Made using a state of the art extraction method, which preserves all the natural alkaloids yielding a top-quality kratom liquid with no additives or impurities. Fast-acting kratom extract is stronger than powder and easier to use.

Each bottle contains 10ml of extract, equivalent of 9-10g of leaf powder