Is Kratom really sustainable?

Buying Sustainable Kratom

Buying sustainable products is the natural choice not only for all plant and nature lovers but for everyone if we want to stay living in harmony with this planet. You automatically might think that sustainability is the key in agriculture and products derived from nature, but it is as important in all commercial and recreational activities alike and what kind of footprint these activities leave.

GoPure has a long tradition of making sure that we not only offer high-quality fresh kratom powder, but we also source it from farmers that fulfill the promise of sustainability.

How to ensure sustainability holistically

When talking about sustainable kratom, we at GoPure expand the question of whether our products are sustainable, to a global level. We first need to think about how sourcing sustainable and organic kratom affects the locally where it is harvested. In this, we need to consider a lot of variables like:

  • Are leaves from wild or harvested trees
  • Is the soil or immediate surrounding nature affected
  • What is the harvesting technique
  • How are kratom leaves dried
  • Is there an affect to biodiversity or deforestation
  • How is Kratom income affecting the choices of income earning for locals

On the other hand, when we expand this thinking to the global level, we face a lot of choices as also the logistics chain, packaging, etc. There is also the angle of jungles as a carbon sink and carbon sequestration.

Ensuring Kratom sustainability on local level

What we look at first, is usually whether the product is harvested from wild trees or purposely planned trees (aka. plantation kratom). Neither of these isn’t necessarily bad for nature, but it depends heavily on methods how these methods are utilized. Sourcing from wild trees has the benefit that no land or soil has been modified. the methods of collecting the leaves can be somewhat destructive for the trees though. Luckily, Kratom trees are extremely resilient and fast-growing. In many cases, they very quickly regrow the branches and foliage very fast which usually tends to be more thick and abundant than before.

Is planted Kratom worse than wild grown?

When looking at planted kratom, we primarily need to look at how they have been planted and whether the fragile ecosystem has been harmed in the process. The amazing properties of the pant some to play again in this situation. Firstly the trees usually grow in wetlands and riverbanks which might be submerged a good part of the year being too wet for most of the other trees. So again it seems like a win-win situation with this plant’s “superpowers” – kratom trees are planted in places where usually no other trees can grow so it is actually balancing deforestation. Also having new trees planted to spots that are just grassy or wetland, contributes to the water cycle of the rainforest and also contributes to the rain forests acting as a significant carbon sink.

One huge and somewhat surprising effect of kratom’s growing popularity is how it is affecting the life of the local people and their possibilities to earn income. The areas where kratom is harvested, usually don’t have much of any kind of industrial or services economy or jobs. People mostly live in a self-sufficient economy. Before, the need for cash drove a lot of people to work in the palm oil industry which has been around since the late 60’s already.

Kratom vs. Palm Oil industry

Nowadays, especially in Sumatra and Borneo, a significant amount of people in many areas get income from being part of the kratom supply chain one way or another. This means that people don’t have to work in the palm oil plantations anymore to which they usually had to travel distances and the work was extremely hard in poor conditions. And we have been lucky to witness this change in the last decade with our own eyes!

You can order any type of kratom at competitive prices with guaranteed quality assurance and our promise is it has been gotten to you as not only a sustainable product but also using a well thought and holistically sustainable sourcing process. We, if anyone, know how important biodiversity is to you!

Be part of an ecological revolution and try GoPure products that are sourced responsibly and with great care for sustainability, health benefits, and biodiversity. Buy Now!

GoPure – Reclaiming Earth’s Biodiversity.

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