Pouch of 28g Blue Lotus Whole Flower by GoPure Shop
Blue Lotus Flower
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Blue Lotus Flower now available at GoPure.shop

GoPure Blue Lotus is sold as high-quality whole dried flowers, which are perfect for infused tea, wine, or even vaporized. Harvested and dried by hand, ensures that every flower is a unique work of art, but also potent with all its essential oils and alkaloids preserved.

Also known as the Egyptian Blue Lotus, this plant's mystical power was known already in ancient times due to its euphoric effects and the power to help to sleep and to enjoy vivid dreams. Thus, Blue Lotus is a popular booster for lucid dreaming.

Contains 28.35g / 1oz Dried Flower.

Experience the blue lotus effect for yourself. This high-quality dried flower has been hand-harvested in Thailand as they have in Egypt for thousands of years. Experience the quality today! 

Valentine´s Day Kratom FEEL GOOD -package. Over 120€ worth of natural wellbeing.
FEEL GOOD package
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FEEL GOOD -package combines all the awesome products GoPure has to offer! 

We created this 100% natural FEEL GOOD package for you. All the best botanicals to get into a comfortable state, restore balance, and manage everyday stress. All you need to chill at one affordable price. Over 120€ worth of natural wellbeing.

Contains amazing whole dried Blue Lotus Flowers, our best-selling THC-free CBD oil with a whopping 15% CBD content, and 4 bottles (2 Green, 2 Red)  of potent Kratom Liquid Extract which are the perfect way to experience kratom. On top, we throw a 50g of legendary White Maengda Kratom powder to kickstart any day.