Potent Red Malay Kratom. 100% Pure Mitragyna Speciosa from GoPure

Red Malay

Lab-tested potent GoPure Red Malay kratom. Strong red strain straight from the wet and tropical jungle of Kapuas Hulu. The best nutrient-rich soil for unique effects. We found this red kratom strain on our last expedition to Indonesia, and it instantly became one of our most wanted kratom strains. Get yours now!

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Traditionally Red Malay Kratom is known as a high potency pain killer. Its relaxing and mood lifting aromas make it excellent for anti-anxiety and stress relief in natural healing. If you are a fan of Green Malay Kratom but are looking for a more relaxing variant while keeping the euphoric aromas, then this is your strain. Locals in Malaysia use this strain for its mood-lifting aromas.  If you want relaxation and pain relief, go for Red Malay.


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