Amazing Autumn Bundle
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The Amazing Autumn Bundle offers all you require to embrace the autumn vibes. Whether it's work, holiday, or outdoor activities - this Autumn Bundle ensures you're set. Experience the finest from each strain variant with this collection.

The pack includes the balance of green and energy of a white vein kratom, together with two specialty strains to mix things up. Bentuangie is a very potent special red vein kratom, and Stem and Vein bring new aromas to any other kratom strain. You can choose a bundle with 4 x 50g strains (200g option) or 4 x 250g ( 1000g option).

Kratom Colors Sample Pack

Discover all kratom leaf colors in one go! We know it can be confusing and hard to try to figure out what strain is the best for you. GoPure Kratom Colors Sample Pack contains quality kratom from every strain color. That's everything you need to find the strain for you. The Kratom Sample Pack has 50g or 250g of each strain color: green, white, and red. GoPure Green Sumatra Kratom is our relaxing and long-lasting green dream. White Borneo Kratom is known for its extra boost that makes any day good. Our Red Sumatra Kratom totally redeems the legend of this king of red strains. Save money and time getting 150g or 750g of kratom cheaper together. 

Kratom Colour Flush Collection

Dive into our exclusive kratom collection, featuring the distinctive White Malay, Bentuangie, Red Borneo, and Green Thai strains. Each variety offers unique properties, originating from the rich forests of Southeast Asia. Explore the best of kratom with GoPure and elevate your experience today.

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This bundle includes 4 strains from 3 different regions. You can choose a pack with 4 x 50g strains (200g option) or 4 x 250g (1000g option with even more savings).