Naturally potent fermented Bentuangie Kratom from GoPure to the UK and Europe
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GoPure Bentuangie Kratom is a very potent strain of red vein kratom fermented for special qualities. This batch was found in the deep jungles of Indonesia by our expert botanical explorers who are always in the search of rare and exciting kratom strains. Try unique Bentuangie Kratom before this batch runs out!

Buy Quality Stem And Vein Kratom online from GoPure.
Stem and Vein Kratom
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Stem and Vein Kratom is in Asia traditionally mixed with other kratom strains for a more complete experience. Potent also on its own just like any quality kratom strain. Known in natural healing for its long-lasting aromas. For this special strain, the stems and veins that carry all the nutrients to the Mitragyna Speciosa leaves are ground up into a fine powder full of alkaloids. Excellent aid for mixing things up against getting stagnant.

Kratom Colors Sample Pack

We know it can be confusing and hard to try to figure out what strain is the best for you. Discover all kratom leaf colors in one go. GoPure Kratom Colors Sample Pack contains 150 g of quality kratom from every strain color. That's everything you need to find the strain for you. The Kratom Sample Pack has 50g of each strain color, green, white, and red.  GoPure Green Sumatra Kratom is our relaxing and long-lasting green dream. White Borneo Kratom is known for its extra boost that makes any day good. Our Red Maeng Da totally redeems the legend of this king of red strains. This Sample Pack contains 50g of each powerful strain. Save money and time getting 150g cheaper together. 

Golden Buddha Kratom

The previous round of the popular Golden Buddha sold out very quickly. We are working on getting a new batch in soon. If you really liked this Gold Bali strain, we recommend ordering our Bentuangie if you want to try something similar. The potent Bentuangie has almost the same alkaloid profile as the Buddha and produces very similar effects.

Golden Buddha Kratom is a rare gem. Better known as Gold Bali Kratom this strain is famous for its uplifting effects. Feelings of energy and euphoria are the main characteristics of this special kratom variety. The secret to the outstanding benefits is the special drying phase that changes the effects by enhancing the desired benefits of the original strains. For this gold Bali strain, we have picked the best white strains known for their potency.

Valentine´s Day Kratom FEEL GOOD -package. Over 120€ worth of natural wellbeing.
FEEL GOOD package
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FEEL GOOD -package combines all the awesome products GoPure has to offer! 

We created this 100% natural FEEL GOOD package for you. All the best botanicals to get into a comfortable state, restore balance, and manage everyday stress. All you need to chill at one affordable price. Over 120€ worth of natural wellbeing.

Contains amazing whole dried Blue Lotus Flowers, our best-selling THC-free CBD oil with a whopping 15% CBD content, and 4 bottles (2 Green, 2 Red)  of potent Kratom Liquid Extract which are the perfect way to experience kratom. On top, we throw a 50g of legendary White Maengda Kratom powder to kickstart any day.