White Borneo Kratom
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Back in stock. The popular GoPure White Borneo Kratom runs out fast due to its amazing qualities. We just got a new batch in. Get yours while the stock lasts.

This exceptional white vein has an extra boost. It’s a must-have used by the locals as kratom for endurance, energy, and muscular pain relief. For generations in Borneo, it has been consumed to improve aerobic performance and reduce fatigue.

This super green powder is collected from the Mitragyna Speciosa -trees growing in untouched soil on the banks of the rivel Kapuas Hulu. This special nutritious growing environment gives white vein strain its excellent aroma.

White Sumatra Kratom
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A new batch out now!! You want to be fast to enjoy the silky smooth consistency and lab-tested potency of this GoPure special white vein strain. The last batch of this beautiful potent powder sold out fast.

In Sumatra, this powerfull white vein kratom is known for its long-lasting natural energy topped with highly relaxing qualities. Indigenous people believe White Sumatra Kratom to be very euphoric and stimulating. Traditionally used as kratom for endurance, and alertness during work and training. While enjoying the sense of wellbeing and focus. It combines an interesting variety and a full spectrum of effects.

White Maeng Da Kratom
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Enjoy GoPure White Maeng Da Kratom any time of the day. Trust the aromatic properties of this Speciosa to kickstart a morning and create an enjoyable afternoon. This strain is used traditionally to provide stimulation and stamina for continuous work. Locals in Thailand say its aromas help to enjoy day-to-day life with uplifted spirits.

The expert grafting process done by the locals in Thailand has left this strain with an impressive range of active flavonoids and alkaloids. This is why it is not surprising that it is one of the most popular white vein kratom strains on the market. GoPure White Maeng Da is totally chemical-free with no preservatives or additives. Like all our botanicals it is lab tested for any contaminants.

Kratom Variety Pack 200g
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Is it confusing or hard to choose between all the different strains ad decide which strains are the best?

Don't worry, the help is here! Try different kratom strains in one pack. 200g of top-quality kratom for a low bundle price. Including all kratom leaf colors and one specialty strain. This sample pack contains our perfect Super Green Kratom house blend, strong pimp grade Red Maeng Da and White Borneo Kratom with an extra energy boost. To top these kratom strains we threw in the fermented Bentuagie Kratom powerhouse. All these strains are perfect to sample as the best of each strain and see how they work for you. Order this pack and try all strains to know which suits you the best. The Variety Pack has 4 different kratom strains, all 50g each.