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GoPure is a leading vendor of ethnobotanical and natural products. Our target is to make life better, for our customers, employees, partners and the Earth.

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GoPure Bentuangie Kratom is a very potent strain of red vein kratom fermented for special qualities. This batch was found in the deep jungles of Indonesia by our expert botanical explorers who are always in the search of rare and exciting kratom strains. Try unique Bentuangie Kratom before this batch runs out!

Blue Lotus Flower

GoPure Blue Lotus contains high-quality whole, dried flowers. Perfect for infused tea, wine, or even vaporization. All flowers are harvested by hand and carefully dried. This is to make sure every flower has all its essential oils and alkaloids preserved.

Also known as the Egyptian Blue Lotus. This plant's mystical powers were known already in ancient times. It's euphoric effects and the power to help sleep and enjoy vivid dreams make it a work of art. Thus, Blue Lotus is a popular booster for lucid dreaming.

Contains 28g / 1oz Dried Flower. Sold also in bigger 56g batches for a great value.

Experience the blue lotus effect for yourself.

CBD Oil 15% - Full Spectrum THC free

GoPure 15% CBD oil contains a whopping 1500mg of CBD in one bottle- and absolutely no THC at all.

Strong CBD oil is popular among those who suffer from chronic sleep issues, pain, immune system disorders, and stress. This full-spectrum oil is packed with all the beneficial parts of the hemp plant. The natural compounds work together producing an entourage effect. In combination, the active ingredients enhance the oil´s natural properties to create well-being.

CBD is not a matter of “if it works”. The human body has a natural endocannabinoid system that CBD boosts. It is only about finding the correct product, and dosage and giving it time to work in your body and fill it with goodness. Not all CBD is the same, and I have the BEST to share with you!

CBD Oil 5% - Full Spectrum THC free
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Wouldn't it be lovely to be able to relax, slow down your mind & not be as quick to get annoyed by the silly little things that happen throughout the day?

The subtle 5% CBD oil is perfect for kids, pets, and anyone trying CBD for the first time. 5% CBD oil is popular among users looking to balance anxiety, depression, sleep issues, pain, and immune system disorders. This oil has a nice and relaxing effect on the body and mind.

GoPure 5% CBD oil contains 500mg of CBD in one bottle- and absolutely no THC at all. CBD is safe even for children and furry friends to help them overcome imbalances and troubles. GoPure 5% CBD oil is made from organic hemp, tested in 3rd party laboratory, and totally THC free. Thus, anyone can use it with confidence.

Golden Buddha Kratom
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Golden Buddha Kratom is a rare gem. The previous round of the popular Golden Buddha sold out very quickly. You better grab your share of this sought-after strain while the stock lasts. Better known as Gold Bali Kratom this strain is famous for its uplifting effects. Feelings of energy and euphoria are the main characteristics of this special kratom variety. The secret to the outstanding benefits is the special drying phase that changes the effects by enhancing the desired benefits of the original strains. For this gold Bali strain, we have picked the best white strains known for their potency.

Green Borneo Kratom
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GoPure Green Borneo Kratom is as organic and pure as a plant can get. Traditionally mature leaves are used as kratom for concentration and productivity. As well as regulating stress levels with its calming yet uplifting aromas.

This hard-to-find ancient strain grows on the banks of Kapuas river in an isolated dense rainforest in the middle of Borneo. There it has been a part of the natural way of life for centuries for muscle relaxation and pain relief without drowsiness.

Green Hulu Kapuas Kratom
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Green Kapuas Hulu Kratom is a super booster for work and study. Perfect for some extra power for your workout session too. In the Kapuas area, the calming yet uplifting kratom aromas are famous for concentration and productivity. This green strain is different from other strains and more similar to white strains.

Like most kratom strains, Hulu Kapuas is named after the region it originates. Hulu means river in Indonesian. The Kapuas River begins from the center of Borneo island in Indonesia. This area is known as the Kapuas Hulu Regency. This remarkable strain grows only in this area. It is a very rare and sought-after strain. Not only because it's rarety but because of its amazing quality.

Buy your Green Hulu Kapuas Green now while the stock lasts. Only a limited edition is available.

Green Maeng Da Kratom
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Here it is. The legendary Green Maeng Da. We have expanded our Maeng Da selection to the amazing green powder for a good reason. The Green Maeng Da is a breathtaking kratom strain. Its powerful but gentle aromas take your kratom regimen up a notch. Maeng Da has a high concentration of kratom alkaloids, and our Green Maeng Da is no exception. Perfect powder for a balanced kratom experience.

Maeng Da strains come originally from Thailand and literally mean "pimp grade" in Thai. The green one is a hybrid of the red vein (calming) and the white vein (energizing) Maeng Da. Thus it has a tantalizing balance of kratom’s ultimate benefits! The green vein Maeng Da is known for its focus and mood-boosting qualities. Its aromas keep you going all day long.

Green Maengda Kratom Capsules

GoPure Green Maeng Da Kratom Capsules are the best gift of nature. 600mg of premium Green Maeng Da Kratom inside each vegan capsule ready to make your day.  All kratom effects in a tidy capsule ready to boost our wellbeing. Easy and simple.

Green Maeng Da Kratom is fast-acting and its effects kick in quickly. This strain boosts your mood and helps you to excel in activities throughout the day. Green Maeng Da´s enhanced ability to promote physical and cognitive wellness is legendary. Moreover, Green Maeng Da Kratom Capsules are 100% natural herbal remedies for anxiety and depression-related issues.

Choose from 50 capsule packages up to 200 capsules for awesome savings.

Green Maengda Liquid Extract

Our propriety fast-acting liquid kratom extract has landed to GoPure Shop!

GoPure Green Maeng da Liquid Extract is made out of premium kratom leaves by a food-grade laboratory with a propriety extraction method to preserve the amazing full spectrum of alkaloids such as mitragynine and 7-hydroxy mitragynine.

This 100% natural liquid extract is derived from sustainably grown Green Maeng da leaves and the extracted product does not have ant additives or impurities.

Each bottle contains 10ml of kratom extract liquid suspension.

The natural power of Kratom packed in a handy bottle - a super-easy way to enjoy and carry kratom in your pocket, wherever you go.

You can now have further savings by purchasing 5, 10, or 20 bottles. Select your quantity below to save!

Green Malay
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Traditionally green vein kratom has been a valued part of wellbeing in Malaysia for its anxiety-relieving effects. It has been cultivated over many centuries for distinctive and powerful aromas. In traditional natural healing, it is used for kratom effects like uplifting and energizing. In Malaysia, the Mitragyna Speciosa plant is praised for its ability to increase focus and endurance. Many have discovered the immense versatility of Green Malay Kratom. Now available from fresh from the jungle. 

Green Sumatra Kratom
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A Special growing environment that makes Green Sumatra Kratom unique in qualities. This super green kratom is used locally as kratom for anxiety. It has been part of the local culture and wellbeing for decades for its relaxing and long-lasting aromas.

It is sustainably collected from MItragyna Speciosa -trees growing naturally in the forest as part of the ecosystem. Lab-tested for potency and safety. Buy kratom online from GoPure.