We are leading vendor of ethnobotanical and natural products. Our mission is to make life better, for our customers, employees, partners and the Earth.


GoPure story starts years ago with a couple of European travel and nature enthusiast. We started a mission to learn more about healing plants and to see where these magical plants grow and how they are cultivated. We have personally met each and every farmer we source our products from and have visited every location from deep jungles of Sumatra to the remote riverbanks of Kapuas river.

Today, GoPure sources high quality botanicals from carefully selected suppliers located in 3 continents and provides the raw material to many industry leaders in Europe and US. This wholesale background has provided us with vast knowledge and experience on numerous strains, suppliers and areas. Now, through www.gopure.shop our high quality products are also available to every kratom connoisseur and believer of natural alternatives in Europe.


All GoPure kratom is organically grown in a forest where kratom naturally grows as part of the ecosystem.

No pesticides are being used in the cultivation of our products.

Kratom enhances standard of living by bringing possibilities to families for whom the land is often the only income. Often in local kratom areas people still live in a shift economy.

Kratom creates ecological work in areas where people otherwise would end up working in oil plantations in horrible work conditions. Kratom grows sustainably close to locals homes or in their front yards.

Cultivating kratom threes on the river banks binds the organic components of soil thus slowing erosion and healing the earth.

Kratom is 100% renewable natural resource and it has a rapid growth cycle.


If you are not happy with our product we will replace it. We believe in our products as strongly as we believe in nature and its power in well-being. Our mission is to spread this joy to the world and that is why customer satisfaction is the most important thing for us.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Free replacement. No questions asked