Daun Harapan: A Groundbreaking Kratom Documentary in Indonesia

The Human Side of Kratom

Discover the human aspect of kratom with the upcoming film Daun Harapan. Whether kratom brings you peace or buzz or you’re just curious about its impact on communities, this documentary invites you on an intimate journey into Indonesia’s kratom industry. Anticipation about this doco runs high among those connected to this extraordinary plant.

Video camera taking footage of kratom sign in Kapuas Hulu

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Kratom: A Lifeline for Many

Kratom farmer among his plants

In Indonesia, kratom is more than a plant; it’s a lifeline. Daun Harapan reveals how kratom cultivation and harvesting is revolutionizing local communities, creating economic opportunities and enhancing lives in regions with few alternatives. And this is happening aroung an endemic plant!

A Closer Look at the Kratom Industry in Indonesia

Experience an in-depth view of the kratom industry through this documentary. You’ll make a journey to the remote areas both wild kratom and planted kratom is harvested. You’ll see the processing facilities, and how the hourney of your favorite kratom product to your doorstep starts. Meet the people whose lives are literally connected with this remarkable plant.

Kratom producer sitting in a kratom leaf drying house

Daun Harapan, or “Leaf of Hope,” dives into kratom’s economic, social, and environmental impacts in Indonesia. The film features interviews with farmers, researchers, exporters, and other industry stakeholders, shedding light into the kratom business’s lesser-known facets.

It offers a hopeful perspective on kratom’s potential to shape Indonesia’s future positively.

The Future of Kratom

What future awaits kratom? Daun Harapan seeks to answer this, providing insights into the challenges and opportunities facing Indonesia’s kratom industry and its people.

There are also some clouds in the tropical skies. As in the rest of the world, unfortuantely, there are also forces in Indonesia who are not convinced of the benefits of kratom and make it harder for the producers and farmers, or trying to outright ban the whole commodity.

This film will hopefully show that it is not the only the people buying kratom that depend on it, so many people in Indonesia also depend on it. So while the reasons might not intertwine on both ends of the supply chain, the interests surely do.

Documentary Team of Daun Harapan at the kratom sign in kapua hulu

Join the “Kratom Doco” Journey

Join us on this enlightening journey. Await the release of Daun Harapan and immerse yourself in the fascinating world of kratom.

The daun Harapan team with a local kratom farmer with kratom trees in the background

At GoPure, we’re excited about this project’s potential to enhance kratom awareness and understanding. Our kratom expert at GoPure has been collaborating with the Daun Harapan team, sharing insights during a visit to Bali, the origin of the famous Bali Strains, last June.

Jani Saarinen of GoPure and Mindaugas Špučys discussing about Daun Harapan Kratom Documentary
We had a privilige to discussing how kratom industry is changing in Indonesia and around the world.

Final Touches

The documentary team recently visited key kratom areas, gathering ample material to offer an eye-opening experience about this revered plant’s source.

With the final touches underway, we eagerly await the 2024 premiere of this enlightening film.

The Team

The Daun Harapan team is a blend of passionate experts and creatives.

Yohana Kristanti (middle below), an Indonesian filmmaker, is responsible for the documentary’s stunning visuals. Sugianto (right), a videographer, captures Indonesia’s beauty through his lens.

The team of Daun Harapan documentary: Mindaugas Špučys, Yohana Kristanti,Sugianto

Connect with Daun Harapan

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