Kratom’s Hidden Origins: Unearthing an Exotic Treasure of Nature

Map of Kratom Regions in South East Asia

What is the difference between the kratom regions that most strains seem to originate from? This question is usually one of the first ones when people start looking into what Kratom fundamentally is.

In this article, we take a look at the most important and prominent regions kratom is sourced. To GoPure Shop as well.

Kratom, also known as Mitragyna speciosa, is a tropical evergreen tree native to Southeast Asia region. The leaves of this tree have been traditionally used for their unique properties. You are likely already familiar with this since you have ended reading this article.

At GoPure Shop, we are passionate about providing you with the finest kratom products sourced from different regions. We also are passionate about educating our customers and Kratom enthusiasts about the origins of this plant.

In this blog post, we will delve deeper into the origins of kratom. You’ll explore these unique strains from:

We also look into the historical connections between these regions.

Bali Kratom

A Fusion of Tradition and Innovation

Bali Kratom originates from the island of Bali in Indonesia. The island’s rich volcanic soil and tropical climate provide the perfect environment for kratom trees to flourish.

Bali’s local farming communities have honed their skills in cultivating and harvesting kratom over generations. This traditional expertise combined with modern processing techniques results in the high-quality Bali Kratom products available today.

Bali Kratom Strains: A Spectrum of Experiences

Bali Kratom is available in different strains, such as Red, Green, and White Bali. However, the most common is Red Bali, which is often associated with its calming properties. Rarer Green Bali is known for its balanced profile on the other hand.

Also rarer White Bali, on the other hand, is believed to have more invigorating attributes. Each strain offers a unique experience, allowing users to find the perfect match for their personal preferences.

Borneo Kratom

Home to Ancient Kratom Lineages

Borneo, the third-largest island in the world, is home to some of the oldest and most diverse kratom lineages. The island’s diverse climate and fertile soil allow for the growth of numerous kratom strains.

Borneo’s rich history and deep-rooted kratom traditions have shaped the cultivation practices and processing techniques used today.

Kapuas – The Cradle of Kratom and Abundant Diversity

Borneo’s Indonesian side Kalimantan is home to a wide variety of Borneo Kratom strains. These strains grow on vast banks of the Kapuas River. It is the longest river in Indonesia and one of the world’s longest island rivers in the world.

The Kapuas catchment area and river delta boast diverse climates and fertile soil. This allows the growth of numerous Borneo Kratom strains. Each with its unique properties.

Borneo Kratom Strains: A Mosaic of Unique Properties

Borneo Kratom is available in various strains, including Red, Green, and White Borneo. People often note Red Borneo for its soothing attributes. Green Borneo then again for its well-rounded profile, and White Borneo for its invigorating properties.

The unique combination of climate, soil, and cultivation practices in Borneo contributes to the distinct characteristics of many different strains. So due to this diversity and perfect conditions, most “exotically” marketed Kratom strains come from this area. Examples are Riau, Train Wreck, Hulu, Takkra, Hulu etc. which usually are from Central and West Kalimantan.

Malay Kratom

Malaysia’s Unique Treasure

Malay Kratom is native to the jungles of Malaysia. The region’s tropical climate and fertile soil provide the perfect conditions for kratom trees to thrive. Kratom has played a significant role in traditional Malaysian culture, with its use deeply intertwined with local customs and practices.

The cultivation and processing of Malay Kratom by Malay farmers have been refined over centuries. You can see the result in the high-quality products today.

Malay Kratom Strains: A Harmony of Attributes

The most common and also popular Malay Kratom strains include Green, White, and Red Malay. Green Malay we know for its well-balanced properties. White Malay on the other hand, is associated with invigorating effects. One of our favorites is Red Malay , which is appreciated for its calming attributes.

The unique blend of regional factors and cultural influences contributes to the distinct properties and diverse experiences offered by Malay Kratom strains.

Malay Kratom has the advantage of diversity with strains growing on the mainland and on the other hand on the Malaysian side of the Borneo island. Therefore the island varieties of Malay kratom are naturally closer to the Kalimantan strains but are still distinctive due to not having the effect of the Kapuas River being on the other side of the mountain range.

Thai Kratom

A Taste of Thailand

Thai Kratom originates from the beautiful country of Thailand. The region’s tropical climate and rich soil create ideal conditions for the growth of kratom trees.

Kratom has been an integral part of Thai culture for centuries, with its use documented in various traditional rituals and practices. This deep cultural connection has shaped the cultivation and processing methods employed by Thai Kratom farmers.

Thai Kratom Strains: A Vibrant Variety

Popular Thai Kratom strains include Red, Green, and White Thai. Red Thai has often been sought after for its soothing properties, Green Thai for its balanced profile, and White Thai for its energizing aromas.

Each Thai strain reflects its unique regional influences, offering kratom users a wide range of experiences to explore. Thai Kratom has also diversified a lot in recent years after the old and archaic Kratom ban was lifted, enabling proper exploration and utilization of the different strains in various pockets of the country’s lush rainforests.

Thailand – The Birth of a Legendary Strain

Maeng Da Kratom, somewhat considered the “king of kratom strains,” has its roots deeply intertwined in the long and rich history of Thai Kratom culture. This renowned strain emerged in Thailand when local farmers selectively bred kratom plants to produce a more potent and robust variety.

As a result, Maeng Da Kratom is known for its higher alkaloid content, setting it apart from other strains in terms of strength and potency, and is nowadays grown in other regions as well.

Maeng Da’s Distinctive Characteristics

Though Maeng Da Kratom shares its origins with other Thai strains, it boasts a unique set of characteristics that have earned it a special place among kratom enthusiasts. Available in Red, Green, and White vein varieties, each type of Maeng Da offers a distinct experience.

Red Maeng Da is often associated with soothing properties, Green Maeng Da is known for its balanced effects, and White Maeng Da is praised for its invigorating attributes. Altogether, Maeng Da is a strain you can’t go wrong with.

Maeng Da Kratom Capsules are the most popular form of enjoying the strain because it is easy to ensure that you are utilizing an even and consistent amount of powder.

The Legacy of Maeng Da Kratom

Maeng Da Kratom‘s enduring popularity is a testament to the centuries-old cultivation practices and expertise of Thai kratom farmers. It shows how combining traditional knowledge with modern techniques, strains can be created that showcase the pinnacle of Thai kratom’s potential.

As you explore the world of kratom and its diverse origins, Maeng Da Kratom is an essential strain to experience, offering an extraordinary glimpse into the rich and complex heritage of Thai kratom.

Sumatra Kratom

The Gem of Sumatra

Sumatra Kratom comes from the island of Sumatra in Indonesia. The region’s tropical climate and fertile soil provide the perfect environment for kratom trees to grow. Sumatra’s biodiversity and rich history of kratom cultivation have resulted in a wide array of distinct kratom strains.

The local farming communities in Sumatra have been refining their cultivation and processing techniques for generations, ensuring high-quality Sumatra Kratom products come from this region.

The Island of Biodiversity and Rich Kratom History

Sumatra is one of the hotspots of volcanic activity in Indonesia and the majority of the island has formed as a result of volcanic activities. The soil is rich with volcanic ash and both the active and extinct volcanos surrender nutrients and minerals to the frequent rain that falls on their high slopes.

For these reasons, the local Sumatran people have had the privilege of harvesting a lot of Mother Nature’s riches directly from the evergreen and lush jungles. One perfect example of this is the local Kratom, which has helped the Sumatran people with hard labor in taxing agricultural work.

Sumatra Kratom Strains: A Tapestry of Unique Characteristics

Sumatra Kratom is available in different strains, such as Red, Green, and White Sumatra. Red Sumatra is often praised for its calming effects, Green Sumatra for its balanced properties, and White Sumatra for its energizing attributes.

The distinct characteristics of each Sumatra Kratom strain can be attributed to the unique regional factors and long-standing cultivation practices.

The Intriguing Connection Between Java, Malaysia, Thailand, and Borneo

There is an interesting connection that all these important Kratom regions share, and we have to go back to history to see what it is to understand why Kratom has been spread into these seemingly different regions so evenly.

Sundaland, the ancient home of Kratom

Sundaland or Sundaic Region

During the last Ice Age when sea levels were a lot lower than nowadays, most Indonesian islands and the areas we now know as Thailand and Malaysia were all the same land mass.

This means that also Kratom was spread across one land mass, not in pockets separated by different straits and seas.

Geological History and Kratom Diversity

During periods of lower sea levels, the regions of Java, Malaysia, Thailand, and Borneo were once connected by land. This allowed for the exchange and migration of plant species, including kratom. As a result, many strains found in these regions share similarities in their properties and characteristics. Yet enough time apart to develop also many important and unique characteristics as well.

Regional Evolution: A Story of Adaptation and Diversification

Despite these connections, each region’s unique climate and environmental conditions have led to the evolution of distinct kratom strains. These regional differences have contributed to the diverse range of kratom varieties available today, offering a multitude of experiences for kratom enthusiasts to explore.


Understanding the origins of kratom and the uniqueness of strains from different areas like Bali, Borneo, Malay, Thai, and Sumatra can provide valuable insights into the diverse world of kratom. We at GoPure, also harvest this information and wisdom to bring out the best trains this evolution of Kratom has created.

We use this information to pinpoint the different aromas and qualities for each strain in different regions to offer our customers specific products to experience these differences in the “fullest spectrum” possible.

At GoPure Shop, we are ALWAYS dedicated to providing our customers with the highest quality kratom products, whatever region we source the raw material from. We invite you to explore our selection and discover the incredible variety that the world of kratom has to offer.

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