Kratom found to help fight cancer

Kratom fights cancer

Strong evidence on Kratoms effects on cancer is revealed. A scientific study proposes kratom suppresses cancer cells and brings up the effects of chemotherapy. This new, peer-reviewed study is published by The University Sains Malaysia. The study reveals impressive proof of Kratom’s ability to execute cancer cells. In addition, kratom seems to boost Chemotherapys’s effectiveness against cancer. Apparently, cancer cells become more vulnerable under kratom alkaloid effects.

Kratom has many effects to help fight cancer according to a recent study.

A new study out on kratom´s effects on cancer.

The study: ‘Combinations of indole-based alkaloids from Mitragyna speciosa (Kratom) and cisplatin inhibit cell proliferation and migration of nasopharyngeal carcinoma cell lines‘ was conducted outside of the living organism in a controlled laboratory setting. During this in vitro experiment, Kratom was found to have a potent inhibiting effect on a type of head cancer caused by the Nasopharyngeal carcinoma cells.

After this finding, the scientists looked into how Kratom and Cisplatin (a common chemotherapy drug) affected the cancer cells as a combination. Results showed that together with Kratom the chemotherapy drug fought more effectively against cancer than alone. The researchers concluded that the alkaloids with the most anti-cancer effects observed were Mitragynine and Speciociliatine. Hence:” The data from the study indicates that Mitragynine and Speciociliatine both could act as potential Based on all of this, the scientists conclude “Our data indicate that both mitragynine and speciociliatine could be powerful chemosensitizers for cisplatin”.

In plain English, that means that Kratom could enhance the effects of chemotherapy against cancer. This a remarkable news. If the success rate of chemotherapy can be enhanced with Kratom a lot of lives would be saved.

The best part is still to come. The study’s most remarkable finding is that Kratom can kill cancer cells on its own to some degree. Of course, this is still early stages and more studies are required soon to reveal more about this amazing finding. As it looks very clear that help against cancer can be added to Kratoms lists of virtues. More research needs to be done before this kratom advantage will be officially approved by the medical community. It is a whole another matter whether any funding for such research can be found as no company can patent a natural remedy growing wild. Companies make billions of cancer treatments and Kratoms anti-cancer properties are not on their list of interest.

In any case, information like this is valuable to broaden the perspective. And to be aware of the countless benefits Kratom like many other natural remedies can offer. As kratom may have many added bonuses for cancer patients in the form of reducing stress levels and releasing tension as well as pain relief while promoting positivity and a feeling of comfort.

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