5% CBD Oil - Full Spectrum THC free
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Nature is for all everyone, well-being is for everyone, CBD is for everyone.

 GoPure 5% CBD oil contains 500mg of CBD in one bottle- and absolutely no THC at all. The subtle 5% CBD oil is perfect for trying CBD for the first time, for kids, and for pets. GoPure 5% CBD oil is popular among users looking to balance anxiety, depression, sleep issues, pain, and immune system disorders. This oil has a nice and relaxing effect on the body and mind. CBD is safe even for children and furry friends to help them overcome imbalances and troubles. GoPure 5% CBD oil is made from organic hemp, tested in 3rd party laboratory, and totally THC free. Thus, anyone can use it with confidence.

15% CBD Oil - Full Spectrum THC free
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GoPure 15% CBD oil contains a high 1500mg of CBD in one bottle- and absolutely no THC at all.

The naturally flavored refined hemp seed oil is made from pesticide-free organic hemp to guarantee the maximum positive effects of the hemp plant. This full-spectrum oil is packed with all the beneficial cannabinoids (except THC), terpenes, flavonoids, vitamin E, omega-3, and omega-6 acids naturally present in the hemp plant.

In full-spectrum oil, all the compounds work together producing an entourage effect where every active ingredient is combined to enhance the oil´s natural properties. This composition makes this oil popular among those who suffer from chronic sleep issues, pain, immune system disorders, and stress.

Valentine´s Day Kratom FEEL GOOD -package. Over 120€ worth of natural wellbeing.
FEEL GOOD package
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FEEL GOOD -package combines all the awesome products GoPure has to offer! 

We created this 100% natural FEEL GOOD package for you. All the best botanicals to get into a comfortable state, restore balance, and manage everyday stress. All you need to chill at one affordable price. Over 120€ worth of natural wellbeing.

Contains amazing whole dried Blue Lotus Flowers, our best-selling THC-free CBD oil with a whopping 15% CBD content, and 4 bottles (2 Green, 2 Red)  of potent Kratom Liquid Extract which are the perfect way to experience kratom. On top, we throw a 50g of legendary White Maengda Kratom powder to kickstart any day.