Quality Stem And Vein Kratom. Fine powdered Mitragyna Speciosa from GoPure.

Stem and Vein

Add Stem and Vein with your favorite kratom strain more complete experience. Very potent also used on its own just like any quality kratom strain. For this special strain, the stems and veins that carry all the nutrients to the Mitragyna Speciosa leaves are ground up into a fine powder full of alkaloids. Excellent aid for mixing things up against stagnant strain syndrome. 

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In ethnobotanical studies stem and vein powder is known to have alkaloids that aren’t as prevalent in leaf material as well as the same active alkaloids which is why it has been used to help reduce tolerance to normal kratom powder. Stem and Vein carries the same aromas as any kratom used traditionally for pain management, endurance and relaxation as well as overall feeling of well being. In natural healing Stem and Vein in specially used for longer lasting effects, relaxed feeling of sedation and to smoothen over-stimulating strains. 


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