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Kratom Tincture - Liquid Green

Discover our potent new Green Kratom Tincture in NEW 30ml long lasting bottle. One bottle of this full spectrum tincture contains a whoppping 300mg of mitragynine alkaloid.

The tincture is result of GoPure's collaboration with a leading food grade laboratory. Our botanical expertise was put to test developing this liquid kratom formulation which harnesses the full power of premium green kratom for maximum strength.

Our extensive knowledge and skill is distilled into every drop, resulting in this high-quality experience.

This tincture is excellent value for moneyand each bottle is crafted to last longer, proving its superior worth.

GoPure's Green Kratom Tincture is a result of relentless pursuit of excellence, grounded in our long-standing tradition of botanical mastery.

White Borneo Kratom
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Back in stock. The popular GoPure White Borneo Kratom runs out fast due to its amazing qualities. We just got a new batch in. Get yours while the stock lasts.

This exceptional white vein has an extra boost. It’s a must-have used by the locals as kratom for endurance, energy, and muscular pain relief. For generations in Borneo, it has been consumed to improve aerobic performance and reduce fatigue.

This super green powder is collected from the Mitragyna Speciosa -trees growing in untouched soil on the banks of the rivel Kapuas Hulu. This special nutritious growing environment gives white vein strain its excellent aroma.